Business Classes at Bridge eikaiwa

Business Classes

Business ClassEnglish has always been an important tool in the business world and with multinational companies and globalization there has been a surging demand for corporate English training all around the world.

At present Bridge has a number of corporate contracts in the Kanagawa area. We provide in company courses in business and conversational English both individual and group classes. We will design a course to meet the unique needs of your company. From basic travel English to advanced business negotiations. Our courses cover a wide range of skills from writing emails, business proposals and presentations, as well as varied other written communications required to develop businesses. We also offer TOEIC courses.

As well as in company classes we also run business classes at our schools in Hadano and Hon Atsugi. As with our regular courses these classes are generally one to one. Please call or email to enquire about availability of classes and larger groups.

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