Bridge English Locations


Hon Atsugi

Hon Atsugi School is a 2 minute walk from the East exit of Hon Atsugi station. And 30 seconds from Hon Atsugi bus station.

Address 243-0018, Kanagawa-ken, Atsugi-shi,
Nakacho 1-6-1, Central Heights Building 5th Floor
Telelphone Number 080-2345-9266

Hon Atsugi Bridge School Map

Hon Atsugi Bridge School



Hadano School is located 2 minutes from Hadano station just over the Mizu-Nashi River.

Address 257-0035, Kanagawa-ken, Hadano-shi,
Honcho 1-1-2, Sagami Building 6th Floor
Telelphone Number 080-2345-9266

Hadano Bridge School Map

Hadano Bridge School