Bridge eikaiwa Student Testimony

Student Testimony

Student Testimony 1

Student TestimonyWe have been studying English at Bridge for four years. My kids are different levels of English so we have two pairs; we take lessons for an hour each once a week. At the start, I couldn’t understand what Damian said but now I understand almost everything. My kids say, listening to tapes at school sound slow and it’s getting easier for them. Recently we have watched movies in English and we understand them, except fighting scenes or when actors speak really fast.

In the lesson, we start to talk about how we are doing or what happened during the last week and then we use our textbook. I think warming up makes me relax and comfortable to speak English. I think Japanese people think English conversation is difficult and makes people nervous but Damian’s lessons are very fun and relaxing. And my English is improving without studying hard!

Student Testimony 2

Student TestimonyI only decided to study English when I turned 45. However I was a little worried about going to a school and studying in a big group. So I was looking for a school where I could take private lessons and I found Mathew.

At the beginning I couldn’t speak any English at all but the way Mathew teaches has great passion and is very clear.

I’m surprised by how much my English has improved. Of course I still cannot speak English very well but I have realised my dream and I’m now doing business with international companies.

Mathew has a wide variety of topics and there is a lot to talk about. We often discuss politics and the economy together and I’m always surprised by his knowledge and teaching.

I’m an older man but my English is improving all the time so you should challenge yourself and learn English with Mathew.

Nagahiro Umehira Company CEO